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Debt Settlement

Because we live and breathe debt assistance, a natural extension of our services include applying our knowledge and connections to assist in debt settlement that represents your rights and what is in your best interest. We have a holistic understanding of the complete debtor experience from start to finish so we are able to help bring hope every step of the way. We are able to assist in converting a seemingly dark and frustrating situation into an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive financially. This will provide you with a fresh start and a second chance with the tools you need to keep debt as part of your past. Debt will no longer be a part of your future and you will have a meaningful, memorable rescue story that helped build your financially successful future!


Unlike most debt settlement companies who blatantly express they represent the creditors, we only assist with representing you and what’s in your best interest. We do not receive any compensation from the debt settlement payments to them; we don’t take a piece of the pie so to speak. Once we help you accomplish debt relief, you will have cashflow and a sustainable plan as we arm you with a wealth of educational resources that will enable you to move forward to become financially successful.


The answer depends on certain factors and the complexity of your situation. We have successfully assisted our clients in reducing their debts by up to 80% off. Our commitment to each of our clients is that we will give you our very best negotiating efforts to ensure that you receive the best debt settlement solution without going through more aggressive programs such as Consumer Proposals or Bankruptcy. We have solutions that will enable you to pay your reduced debts through lump sum payments so any outstanding debts reporting on your credit bureau can be finally resolved once and for all and you can start building your credit without any creditors’ continuing to negatively report and getting in your way.


No cost free consultation and debt analysis.
We create a sustainable plan to get you out of debt including how to obtain funds such as accessing home equity.
We contact your creditors to negotiate a settlement


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