How can CreditLift help me?

At CreditLift we can help you discover the options available to you to become debt free and stay
debt free. We also have a personalized financial restoration program to help you with budgeting,
understanding credit and ways to increase your credit score. Our goal is to help you discover
ways to get out of debt and then provide the support you need to both remain debt free and
build a stable financial future.

How can I get started with debt relief?

To get started, just complete our Get Debt Relief now and someone from our team will reach out to you shortly.

Who qualifies for debt relief?

In order to qualify for our services, you need to have at least $10k in unsecured debts and be able to make payments towards your debts.

What types of debts can be consolidated and reduced?

Depending on the option you choose, that could include almost all unsecured debts, including student
loans over 7 years old, vehicle shortfalls and payday loans. In you have any questions, please reach out.
We are always happy to chat with you to help you discover which options might be best for you to
become debt free.

What types of debts cannot be reduced?

Generally debts are secured are not able to be reduced. That would be mean items like mortgages or vehicles.

Will I lose my home, vehicle and savings if I get debt relief?

That will depend on the debt option that you choose however we
will work closely with you to help you discover the best option for you in your
unique situation.

Will I still qualify with a bad credit rating?

Absolutely. Credit score has no impact on whether you qualify for our services or not.

Do I have to be employed to qualify for debt relief?

You don’t need to be employed but you do need to be able to make payments towards a restructured (and reduced!) debt amount.

What happens during the consultation?

During your free consultation, we will walk you through all your options on how to become debt free. We won’t ask you sign anything or commit to anything. This meeting is just for you to learn more about your options to become debt free.

Do you lend me money to pay my debts?

No. Our goal is to help people become debt free and we will work with you to reduce your debt and not have to rely on more loans to cover your expenses.

CreditLift founders are considered experts in their field and have been interviewed by both local & national news networks related to debt and financial literacy.