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John & Jennifer Croft


Drawing on more than 20 years of combined work experience in real estate, finance, insurance, and investments, John and Jennifer Croft have a layered understanding of finances and the consequences of poor financial management.

The Crofts and their team consider it a great privilege to serve their local communities by helping their clients pivot from despair to hope.

Recognized as experts in their field, they have been interviewed on both local and national news networks and radios related to debt and practical financial literacy.

Our Team

Glenda Karwacki

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

It has been brought to my attention that my kids are now grown and can take care of themselves, (although we secretly really know they will always need their mom). However with this new step in my life, my husband and I can get back to our plans to travel. I need to see the world or as much as I can of it.  I enjoy the outdoors and nature, camping is one of my favorite things to do.  In my downtime when the weather is cold (which here in Saskatchewan is 7 months out of the year) I enjoy reading.

The biggest highlight of my job is watching relief on my clients faces when I can help them become debt free. I enjoy knowing that I am making a difference in their lives and bringing them hope.

Kate Burton

Lower Mainland, BC

Professionally, my journey has been an exciting one. I started my financial career in the private investment sector. Later, I gained valuable experience as a mortgage underwriter. Throughout this journey, my underlying motivation has always been my love for helping people.

Beyond the office, my world revolves around my amazing husband, our energetic 3-year-old son, and our loyal yellow lab who keeps us on our toes. I met my wonderful husband while working on a cruise line, and our love story has been a voyage of its own. Even today adventure travel is my calling, and hiking is my escape, providing a connection to the natural world that’s both refreshing and inspiring. On a cold and rainy day I find solace in the pages of a good book.

I’m very proud to be part of the incredible team at CreditLift, an organization that shares my values and life goals. Our collective mission is to help individuals regain their financial independence, empowering them to achieve their dreams.

Yinka Esan

Calgary, Alberta

I’m someone who thrives on adventure, taste, and connection. Exploring new cuisines and long drives filed with beautiful scenery fills me with excitement. Nothing warms my heart more than bringing joy to others, and my role at Creditlift allows me to extend that by assisting individuals in overcoming challenging and frustrating financial circumstances.filled

Mark Gatpayat

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I’m friendly, helpful, polite, and I’ve got a good sense of humor (at least I think so!).  I love volunteering and serving the community. My family loves to travel, eat, and be active in sports. We as a family always go to church.

Leona Derkson

Calgary, Alberta

A born and raised western Canadian, my eight years on the team have been spent in administration and finance roles. My husband and I are the proud grandparents of five beautiful grandkids, who we love to spend time with whenever we get the chance. When I’m not enjoying the antics of my grandkids, I love to spend time on hiking trails around Calgary and in the mountains or out walking with friends. My greatest joy at work comes from connecting with clients to hear how their debt burdens have been lightened through the help we provide.

Natalie Bowen

Calgary, Alberta

I’ve been in the financial industry for a little over 11 years in just about every position you can think of. My true passion is in the backend side of things where I can help in organizing and labeling just about anything I can. I thrive in helping clients reach their goals of being financially successful and being there for them in any way I can.  The lives that I see we change here at Credit Lift is truly amazing and I’m just beyond honoured to be part of the team.

Outside of work, I am a wife and mother who three beautiful kids and one golden retriever who keeps me very busy! We are a part of a big extended family who love Sunday dinners and doing just about anything outside as long as we are all together.

Craig Ware

Over the course of my time with Credit Lift, I have had the privilege of seeing countless lives changed by the work we do. Although I don’t meet with clients, my job is to make sure that everything works well behind the scenes so that our clients have the best care possible. When I’m not at work, my focus is on spending time with my beautiful wife and our amazing kids. We love going out as a family and exploring the amazing world around us. In the rest of my free time, I enjoy hiking, reading and really bad puns.

We are passionate about creating hope for the future by helping clients achieve financial freedom.

You can expect us to give our best effort to do the right thing and treat everyone as we want to be treated. We pursue excellence and exceed client expectations every day by finding solutions that meet not only immediate but long term financial needs. We take pride in helping Canadians everyday get out of debt and walk alongside them through the process and on their way to financial recovery.


Helped over 10,000+ Canadians get out of debt and achieve financial freedom


Assisted over $500M worth of unsecured debt forgiven


Over 12 years of excellent service of advocating for consumers in the debt industry

“ We solely work for the debtors, not the creditors. ”

Our role is to exclusively represent and advocate for the debtor, get them the best deal on their debts, walk them through the process and provide a full comprehensive program in helping them rebuild their credit as early as possible.


Imagine your life without debt, the Crofts did!

Our humble beginnings that led to our life-long mission to help more Canadians get out of debt

Let’s walk down memory lane:

Debt negatively affects people beyond their bank accounts. When the power of compounding interest is working against you, debt becomes a master over your life. It negatively affects your mental health, emotional, physical and spiritual well being that ripples into personal relationships, workplaces and extends to communities.

How do we know this? Because we lived it and experienced it for ourselves. We know what it feels like to feel vulnerable, hopeless, manipulated and disrespected by creditors, trapped, discouraged and frustrated.

We were uneducated about the world of Insolvency and thought Bankruptcy must be the only way to stop the collection calls and creditor threats. We didn’t know about our right to receive exclusive representation on what’s in our best interest. We didn’t have an advocate and we didn’t have anyone on our side. It was us vs. the banks and we were helpless and clueless.

When we had to face the music and realize we needed professional help to deal with our debt we went online and met with a local debt consultant. He took our information and said he could help us if we paid him $750. About a week later we were told to come back to his office on a Saturday morning and everything would be setup then. When we arrived, we were shocked to find out there was a bankruptcy trustee involved. The trustee was very cold and only provided one option: bankruptcy. When we asked for other options, he said we didn’t make enough money and bankruptcy was the only option available. He did not treat us with dignity or respect and still didn’t want to help to provide any solutions other than bankruptcy. So we left and lost the $750. We were misled by the debt consultant, did not receive any value for our money and we couldn’t get a refund.

We did more research and setup an appointment with one of the largest bankruptcy trustee firms. They were not very accommodating. It felt like a cold and difficult process. No real initial solutions were provided and so left the meeting no better off than when we came in. What we did learn is what a lonely process this was as a consumer debtor.

During this season we also had a friend who dealt with another trustee and filed for a bankruptcy. We were exhausted looking around as time was of the essence; we felt so much pressure to do something to stop the creditors from calling us. So, we decided to just go with our friend’s recommendation and finally signed the paperwork for a consumer proposal. When it was time for us to attend our mandatory counselling session, The “counsellor” turned on 2 x 20 minute videos about budgeting and asked us to sign the paperwork to say that we had counselling done. It wasn’t our learning style and preferred one on one in person interaction and couldn’t really ask questions to the person on the video.

This entire ordeal made us realize that the entire Insolvency system is a very lonely, confusing, demeaning and frightening process for the consumer debtor to navigate. Our desire is to help others know that they do not have to walk through this alone; they have a right to have someone available to advocate for them and look after what’s in their best interest. It’s important for our clients to feel treated with dignity, respect and care. We want each of them to have a hopeful experience and be inspired to make the better choices to improve their lives and help those around them.

This is what makes CreditLift founders so passionate about creating hope and helping people get out of debt!

If you're struggling with debt, know that your are not alone!

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CreditLift founders are considered experts in their field and have been interviewed by both local & national news networks related to debt and financial literacy.