Canada’s Favourite Debt Relief and Credit Rebuilding Specialists

There are far more people struggling than you might think. In fact, given the statistics, your neighbours and friends, and even family, might also be in the same boat. You are not alone.

The pandemic certainly hasn’t helped. COVID restrictions, skyrocketing inflation and falling house prices are combining with rising household debt and less disposable household income to make a perfect storm for Canadians.

The old cliché that you’re drowning in debt is apt, because that’s often how it feels. And sometimes the solutions you see online look like they’re going hurt you more than they help. But there are some good solutions as well, and as scary as it may sound, taking that first step to becoming debt-free is a lot less stressful than staring debt in the face every day, not knowing how to fix it. Accepting and admitting that you’re in debt can be hard. But talking to the professionals who can help is liberating. And there are some great options available to you.

The one we all know about is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is often thought of as the big, bad scary option and, it’s true that it should generally be the last resort. But if this is indeed your only option, the right professional can guide you through it.

However there is likely a better option for you to consider, and it’s called a Consumer Proposal. In a
Consumer Proposal you repay only a portion of what you owe and you avoid a lot of the negative
impacts of a bankruptcy. That doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook, but it does provide legal
protection from your creditors, you won’t have to worry about wage garnishment, the amount owed
will not incur interest, it’s completely open with no penalties and you will have a head start at rebuilding your credit because you don’t have to wait until you’ve been discharged. The right debt relief professional can guide you through that process.

What do you need to look for when looking for the right professional?

Someone who is not a neutral party but only exclusively representing your rights as a consumer debtor and only what’s in your best interest. We cannot emphasize enough the difference it makes in the consumers’ financial bottom line when someone is advocating exclusively for them.

Someone who has a financial rebuilding plan in place catering to your long-term goals, collaborating with you to move on from your debts and equipping you with knowledge, tools and continued support you need to succeed moving forward.


At Credit Lift, we exclusively represent you and what’s in your best interest. Therefore, we take our commitment to your long-term financial well-being seriously. We value your trust and work hard to ensure you have the support and tools you need to succeed.

Know your options

Begin with a free, independent review of your financial situation. Knowing your options and building a solid plan to deal with your debt means you can move on from your debt. At Credit Lift, we provide one of the most comprehensive support programs in the industry so you can become and remain debt-free.

Debt Restructuring

There are a number of options available to you to help you get out of debt. They include such things as obtaining additional income to help pay down your debt, reduction of expenses through budgeting, or a consolidation loan. Additional options are credit counselling, bankruptcy, and consumer proposals. We will walk through the pro and cons of each option along with our recommendation for what might work best for you. Our primary focus is normally on Consumer Proposals as we find they offer the best solution for the majority of our clients. They are a viable restructuring option for more than 45,000 Canadians a year as they allow you to seek legal protection from your creditors and pay back only a portion of the debt that is owed.

Financial Restoration

Once you’re out of debt, our financial restoration program will help get your finances including your credit headed in the right direction. Rebuilding your credit will take time and work but by following our recommendations you can make that happen slowly but surely and set yourself up for long term financial success.

Our financial restoration program is designed to help you achieve your financial goals through education, accountability, support, and guidance in increasing your financial literacy, restore your credit and plan for your future.

At Credit Lift, we take our commitment to your financial well-being seriously. We value your trust and work hard to ensure you have the support and tools you need to succeed.